Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Slide Show Questions from the April 1st meeting

The following are the prepared questions and answers that were provided in the presentation at the meeting this past Sunday.

The new individual questions that were asked on the contact sheet handouts will be posted at a later time. There were hundreds of questions, so it will take a while to sort through and post the answers for those. In the meantime, here are the prepared questions and answers for your convenience:

Question: What's going on with this genealogist report?
Answer: Its still a work in progress and isn’t yet complete at this moment and time.

Q: Why are there rumors floating that we still owe Attorney Wright $5000. + dollars?
A: We wouldn’t be the best ones to tell you that since we haven't dealt with Tony Wright. We have some members of the family committee here who can best answer the status with Tony Wright at this point in time.

Q: What is the status of our inheritance?
A: Some people are getting theirs while others aren't

Q: What do we need to do as a family to move this process forward, without losing ground we have already covered?
A: Become organized and work together with one another in harmony.

Q: What information do we need to prove to the oil companies that we are entitled to royalty payments concerning royalties produced from Anderson Willis property?
A: This will be explained in this presentation

Q: Are there family members still living on or possessing property that Anderson Willis owned at the time of his death?
A: Maybe so. There’s still a lot of data to be sorted out but I would venture to say that most of it is probably known at this time.

Q: When we do prove to the oil companies that we are entitled to the Anderson Willis inheritance; will the family or the oil companies choose the order of payments?
A: Each adult direct heir has the right to go to the oil companies themselves directly at any time they are ready to do so. No one has to wait on anyone else.

Q: Why wasn't the Anderson Willis family lawsuits of the past a success?
A: You’ll have to speak with those family members who were there during those times for that answer.

Q: If all else fails, would the family consider talking to an attorney who works directly with the oil companies?
A: Approaching the oil companies is an individual effort in general. If someone wants their money then they can go to the companies themselves. It’s their legal right.

Q: What type of progress has been made with the Genealogy report?
A: It is yet to be completed.

Q: How much progress have we really made with all that has been done and legal documents that have been submitted to the oil companies by family members and our legal representatives?
A: This is an individual effort for each direct heir. No “we’ is involved unless you and other direct heirs have decided to work together.

Q: Is it true that Primerica has a trust fund set-up from the Anderson Willis case?
A: Any family member doing business w/ Primerica or any other 3rd party is an individual choice. This goes for attorney’s as well. There’s no one bank, attorney or any other 3rd party that is called the “official” representative for the family.

Q: How far has the research team gotten?
A: There’s a mountain of information discovered but a lot of work yet to be done to sort it out. The more people that lend the hand, the faster everyone can get paid.

Q: How much longer will it be before we expect to see our first check?
A: That’s an individual effort for each direct heir. Some people have already started to receive checks for along time now. Some of them are very huge checks too.

Q: Do we have enough people working on the research team? If not how can I get involved?
A: There’s plenty of work to be done and we’d love for more family members to pitch in. Stay tuned to this presentation to find out how to get involved.

Q: When will the genealogy report be completed?
A: That’s a question for the genealogist herself. I don’t imagine anyone here knows that answer with any certainty.

Q: After the genealogy report is completed what is our next step?
A: Watch the rest of this presentation to find out.

Q: Who hired The Wright Law firm and the Genealogist?
A: The research team cannot accurately answer that question since we weren’t present when this was done.

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